Im happy to announce Domain Pal, a great new service form my company Intermovil.net to provide you with the best quality top level .com domains for sale. You can visit a very complete portfolio of .com domains in different categories at my new website at DomainPal.Intermovil.net.

You can browse through a big selection of domains which are ready to be sold. All you need to do is to consider the market value price and make an offer for a .com domain. In case the offer is good I will definitely accept it. In case your offer is not a good one for the domain I can gladly send you a counter offer to see if you accept. It’s all about negotiating a good price that helps both parties. Domain Pal is a service that will help you get the best domains for your business at quality prices.

All the domains have been carefully researched and they have a high CPC (Cost per Click) rate in Google so you can be sure that these domains have traffic and companies behind already biding good money for these keywords. This make the selling process much faster since you can easily contact potential .com domain buyers which have similar markets to offer them these keyword rich domains to develop new properties.

Feel free to make an offer for a .com keyword rich domain


Interesante articulo acerca de la herramienta Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) para conectar a nuestras tiendas online hechas con Magento a este servicio online para vender de Amazon. La idea es conectar a Magento para que se comunique con Amazon y se pueda ver informacion en ambas plataformas.

Leer Articulo completo en MagentoExtensiones.com

Nexcess anuncia disponibilidad “uptime” de %100 en su servicio de hosting

Este nuevo articulo en mi sitio de informacion de Magento (e-commerce) habla de la empresa de hosting Nexcess y es una muestra de que es una buena compañia de servicios de hosting para Magento por que estan ofreciendo unas garantias de servicio muy buenos, los invito a leer este articulo por que habla del tema del “uptime” que es muy importante en el hosting y si tenemos un sitio web es muy bueno conocer que exactamente el uptime y como puede afectar nuestras tiendas online hechas con Magento.

Leer Articulo completo…

Where’s my cool thumbnail when I “like” or “share”?

The “featured image” option in WordPress is a very important one but it’s sometimes missed. It’s located on the right sidebar when you publish a new blog post in WordPress. Sometimes it’s easy to forget to add it because it’s on the right sidebar and by default you will see the “featured image” option in the bottom right section of the page so it’s easy to miss (you can move the location of these boxes, just drag them to the new position you want within the same column).

The featured image is the one that shows a thumbnail in the excerpts of the posts in your home page or category pages in WP but its also the image used when you share or like something to Facebook from the Empower Network Blog. The “featured image” is the image file that Facebook will use in the post to FB.

It’s very important that you add your “featured image” in the post BEFORE you publish your post because you want to tell WordPress right from the very beginning of your publication that your “featured image” is present on the source code of the post. I have encountered many times when I want to add the featured image AFTER i have published an article and it still doesn’t show up, so my recommendation is that you always add it BEFORE you publish your post. If you do that, you will notice that when you see your newly published article and try and share it on Facebook you WILL see correctly the thumbnail image.

Facebook Share’s Cache

Facebook has a cache system to improve page load times and this cache system is the one that prevents you from seeing the newly  added thumbnail when you add the image AFTER you have published an article. In case you add a featured image to an old post, you can still see it  and you will be able to update it, the only problem is that you will have to wait for the cache to clear or try different methods in the source code to force Facebook to clear the cache.

You can see different options to proactively clear Facebook’s cache in this article which describes 3 different methods of proceeding in case you add new images for Facebook. I personally have used the method #1 described in that article but the bad part is that it doesn’t retain the share count for that page and that’s a very nice piece of information from Facebook that many times motivates your visitors to proceed and like or share a page.

Like I mentioned before, I think the best option is to get familiarized with this option and use it by default just the other title, body, etc sections in WordPress that you normally use to add info to WP and publish your posts. After a few publications, I am sure you will get the habit of adding it always!

Facebook’s script is not smart enough

In this great article here, you can see how this situation for the FB share thumbnails is addressed form a technical standpoint and describes a solution and adds a FB specific code which tells it directly which image to use. The article describes a fix for static websites or pages as well as dynamic pages generated by systems like WordPress (using PHP).  This “hack” is actually what the people at Empower Network have added on the source code of this blogging system in order for the “featured image” in wordpress to be used as the “share” thumbnail sent to Facebook. Great job! :)

If you use WordPress as the CMS in your website you can use this fix as well, it works on all wordpress websites.

In general, my suggestion is ALWAYS add your “featured images” BEFORE you publish your post, that way you can play it safe! :) Good luck!

Anyone who tells you that the Empower Network “is going to do it ALL for you” if full of… well… you-know-what.

I hate hearing that. That’s almost as bad as “We’ll do your sponsoring for you!”. Yeah, bullsh**!

A real sponsor provides you added value that helps you SEPARATE YOURSELF from the competition. Also you should receive tools that help you grow and learn. Don’t you think?

The Empower Network IS A GREAT SYSTEM but when you have 50,000 people all marketing the same exact web page after some time don’t you think it’s about time that SOMEONE provides something more? Something different? Something of ADDED VALUE?

I come back to the question: How can you separate yourself out from the competition?

Look, Empower Network IS the most lucrative business opportunity right now (and for a long time) on the the Internet but YOU need a sponsor that will provide you added value and also allows you TO SHARE everything with YOUR downline so that you can promote your business at a different level and with something UNIQUE to offer to your potential leads.

If you only market the company-provided replicated website, you’re not giving your prospects ANY reason to join you.

You are simply a replicated website, and for all they know, there isn’t even a real person behind the site you’re working so hard to promote.

This screenshot below IS NOT a replicated website, it’s added value for YOUR business:

I have over 10 years experience online :) developing and managing projects and websites. I put together an exclusive Empower Network Team training and resources site.

This exclusive team Empower Network site is reserved for those team members who join me and who wish to really develop their skills so that they can have long-lasting success in this business.

I strive to provide more help and resources and training than anyone else in this industry and it starts with your access to my exclusive team resources and training site. I also share the info from my existing team…

I’ll provide you with All Of The Tools, Training, and Video Tutorials Detailing Exact Step-By-Step, Click-By-Click Instructions On How To Build Your Business Systematically With Empower Network!

Even WordPress themes, ebooks and strategy webinars that can open your mind to bigger opportunities and options!

Here’s a Demo: http://felipesuarez.com/training-suite/

I’m so damn sick of seeing people wander about, confused, not knowing what to do, not knowing where to start… and then spending ALL THEIR TIME trying to figure it out on their own.

It’s just too hard that way. Well, I have made it so simple for you because I have distilled out for you all the important pieces of information that you need and I have discarded all the crap that you don’t.

My exclusive team resources site is available to all my Empower Network teammates.

I have ALL you’ll ever need just sitting there waiting for you within our exclusive team Empower Network Training And Resource Site…

You Can Create Your OWN Customizable Marketing System along with Extensive Training on how to drive MASSIVE amounts of highly targeted traffic through your own marketing system, not just cookie cutter replicated sites!

THIS IS ALL FREE, TAKE A LOOK: http://felipesuarez.com/training-suite/

Announcing Empower Network Suite

Empower Network Suite is a FREE and easy-to-use website that I created for all the people who join my team in the Empower Network. The website is a private membership site that has very valuable webinars, how-to videos and step-by-step instructions on many different topics that complement the education on the Empower Network. This added value service that I provide my team is beneficial for your personal growth and education but also it serves as a promotion tool for your business. This website can be used as a promotion tool to attract customers to your downline. The best thing is that it;s already built and filled with content. You can start using and sharing it right away. Obviously you can only share it with your team once they sign up.

You can use this website (which is unbranded) as your own and give it away for FREE to all the people who join YOUR downline. If you use this website to added value to your customers, you will have a much better chance of having success with your business since all this information complements ALL the education you are receiving from Empower Network.

Empower Network is all about strategy and I have noticed that there are some very specific questions that are not answered in the common training that they provide so this additional website will be beneficial for you and your business.

You can feel much better now that you have additional tools to promote the business and this is something that is not available anywhere else. You can only get access to the EmpowerNetworkSuite.com training website after you join the Empower Network. You will receive an email notification with the link you can use to register yourself and gain free access to this great tool.

Empower Network Suite Demo

or take action right now and

Dont wait any longer. Take an educated decision. After you join with EN, you will receive a confirmation via email from me with the login details of the Team Resource Training site.

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